What’s with the name Villa Serenidad?

After spending a number of vacations in Atenas at various vacation rentals and spending a number of years looking for the perfect home, we found this gem. But why Villa Serenidad? Well, that one will take a little longer to explain.

Having stayed in a number of barrios around Atenas, including Pica Flora and Roca 2017-03-26 132-1Verde, we had a pretty good idea of what we wanted and even a better idea of what we didn’t want! If I could sum it up in a couple of words, I’d go with “peaceful seclusion”. But we didn’t want to be miles and miles out of town. We wanted easy and quick access to the amenities Atenas has to offer. We wanted a very secluded home away from busy roads and dogs barking at all hours of the night (experienced that, not enjoyable!).

Combined with our experiences and after looking at over 20 homes for sale in person and probably 40 or 50 more online, we had a great idea of what we wanted. We wanted a house that was easy to access, close to town central, was away from other houses, had great views and most importantly, was very relaxing. We got lucky this house came along at the right time. It wasn’t the perfect house for us but the location was everything we could’ve imagined and then some.  A remodel project during the summer of 2017 will be updating the house to make perfect the home in addition to being the perfect location.

Villa Serenidad sits atop a river valley allowing views across the river gorge and out across the central valley. Day or night, it is an astounding view. A short walk down the 2017-03-27 036hill in the back yard brings you to a beautiful river, Rio Cacao. Our closest neighbor is up the hill, behind a wall, across the street, behind another wall and then set back a hundred feet.  If I didn’t tell you, you wouldn’t even know they were there. Whether lounging around the pool or eating at the dinner table, the closest neighbor in sight is over 1/4 mile 2017-03-27 067away, across the river gorge.  You may notice that in our gallery we show all the nature that surrounds our house. It is dramatically different than just about every other house this close to Atenas central. If you’ve visited a few areas of Atenas, you will notice many trees line property edges to hide the other houses. No need here.

So, why Villa Serenidad? It’s all about how this home made us feel! The European definition of villa is a country residence.  Even though we are not “out in the country”, the feeling you get in this location is exactly that. We also immediately noticed how very calm, peaceful, and tranquil we felt in this home. And that happens to be the exact definition of serene. Serenity translated into Spanish is Serenidad. It was pretty easy from there, Villa Serenidad it is!

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