Where is Villa Serenidad?

Villa Serenidad is located in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a Central American country at the southern edge of the North America continent, just north of the country of Panama and just south of Nicaragua. Costa Rica is routinely ranked as one of the happiest places to live on earth! Pura Vida!

Villa Serenidad is near the city of Atenas, in the canton of Atenas, in the province of Alajuela, about 18 miles (28 km) or 35 minutes from SJO airport in San Jose, Costa Rica.  If arriving via LIR airport in Liberia, it’s about 120 miles (200 km) and a 3 hour drive.

The district of Atenas has a population of about 27,000 people and the city of Atenas has a population of about 5,000.

The Atenas area consists of a number of districts including Atenas, Canton-Of-Atenas-Costa-RicaMercedes, Concepcion, Jesus, San Jose South, Santa Eulalia, Los Angeles, and Escobal among others further away from town central.  When people mention Atenas, it could mean the city, the district or the canton.  Generally speaking, people call the entire area Atenas as it’s the capital of the canton.

Villa Serenidad is located in the Mercedes district. Each district is further broken down into barriosMercedes-District,-Atenas,-Costa-Rica or neighborhoods. Villa Serenidad is located near Barrio Fatima. When renting our home, we will provide exact details including maps and directions and our property manager Andrew will gladly meet you in town and guide you to our home. It’s a very easy 7 minute, 2 mile (3.3km) drive on flat roads.  No crazy mountain switchbacks required 🙂

Coopatenas (a gas station and grocery store) is one of the most recognized landmarks in Atenas.  It is directly across the street from the Remax office where Andrew is based. This will usually be your first point of contact upon arrival.  GPS based navigation systems are readily available and very helpful to move around Costa Rica. Generally speaking, there is no address system like you would find in the US. Highways and major roads have names and more are being added all the time, but houses and businesses don’t have numbers. As such, you will find landmarks are given as a way to find an exact location. Thus Remax is located across the street from Coopatenas.

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