LG Washing Machine Manual & Instructions

For the full manual / guide / instructions, see or download the PDF below.

If you want the quick instructions:

It’s very easy to use and basically automatic once you know the steps.
1) Open lid, slide out detergent tray then fill tray with some detergent.
2) close lid
3) press the power on button (top right button)
4) Press the start button (looks like a ‘play’ button located next to the power button).

From there, the machine will measure the amount of clothes in the drum and do everything automatically. 9 out of 10 loads I do this way. It’s pretty smart. Don’t overload and it will work great.

Detergent is stored in a ‘clearish’ jug, usually on the shelves in the laundry room.

Here is a quick video we shot.

WARNING – DO NOT OVERFILL WASHING MACHINE. You will end up with water on the floor (there is a squeegee to push water outside if it happens). If the washing machine says water level 10 of 10, it will spill over. The maximum water level we use is 8 or 9. If you see the water level at ten, simply press the play/pause button then press the water level button until it shows 8 or 9 and press the play/pause button again to resume operation.

Please contact Jeff with any questions.