Villa Serenidad Remodel 2017

2018 Update: This remodel has been completed for some time. Please see current photos in our gallery.

An in progress update of the remodel is available at the August 2017 Remodel Update blog.

Villa Serenidad sits on one of the most gorgeous pieces of land in Atenas. However, when we purchased the house we knew there were a number of improvements we wanted to do to. This blog is being written shortly before construction starts so those interested in renting during the later months of 2017 will have a better idea of what they can expect.

First and foremost, we are dramatically increasing the outdoor patio space. After researching a number of products, Coralina, a product made in Costa Rica and known in the states as Coral Stone was the natural surface choice. Corlina has a natural light coloring which reflects lights and maintains a lower temperature which is far more comfortable on your bare feet. In addition, Coralina is not slippery when wet, a must have around a pool and during the wet season. To top it off, Coralina is beautiful!

A friend’s home in Atenas with Coralina aka “Coral Stone” installed around the pool.

We loved the view from the pool but there was minimal sitting area, nothing as far as a viewing deck and nothing for an outdoor breakfast table.  When we’re in Costa Rica, we LOVE being outside.  So, we are implementing a massive expansion of the patio.  The new patio will have room for a table with 8 chairs, 6 other sitting chairs and 6+ loungers on the sun deck and will feature all new wicker furniture. Using your imagination a little bit, you can see the design we’re going for in the mock ups below.  I’m not a professional artist but I think you get the idea.  It will look superb!  You may also notice the addition of an outdoor shower.

Please note, the railing around the pool is being removed! There will be railing at the edge of the viewing deck.

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Along with the exterior remodel, there are number in interior upgrades. Currently, one Bedroom-Split-1200of the bedrooms is “sort of” split up into a part office and part bedroom. We are going to remove that partial wall and install a permanent wall turning the one large room into two bedrooms, both with queen beds and adequate closet space. Besides the obvious benefit of a true fourth bedroom, one of the bedrooms will not have any exterior windows. For those that haven’t visited Costa Rica before, it’s uncommon to find a bedroom which is completely dark afterHallway-opening-1200 dawn. For those that want a completely dark bedroom or want a dark room to take an afternoon nap, this will be perfect.  With the addition of the bedroom, a new hallway and opening will be created allowing easy access from the living room.

The bathrooms are getting some minor improvements, mostly consisting of adding glass blocks for the showers to add a little privacy and to keep the water in the shower basin. Some other minor things like additional towels hooks and storage area will be addressed also.

The kitchen needs very few things, the appliances are already good as are the counters and amount of space.  We’re adding a dish washer and all new small appliances (blender, juicer, can opener, etc).

For those that have been in Costa Rica for some time, you know that on occasion that the water gets turned off for a day or two at a time. Simply put, we can’t have that affecting you while on vacation. As such, we’re installing 5,000 liters worth of water holding tanks which should last more than a week should the public water supply (AYA) get shut off. Throughout Costa Rica, you will notice the showers barely run due to the general low water pressure throughout the country. Along with the water tanks, we’re installing a water pressure pump which will give plenty of pressure to all three showers and sinks at the same time. A good water supply is critical to us.

While remodeling, we’re performing a general refresh of the inside and outside of the house also. New paint in the kitchen and new varnish on the outside in addition to some other minor areas. Along with the remodel, we’re performing a number of landscaping upgrades with new plants, an orchard, a sprinkler system, possibly a gazebo and more.

If you want any more details, please feel free to contact us. We’re excited to start the remodel and will keep you posted along the way.

An in progress update of the remodel is available at the August 2017 Remodel Update blog.

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